Reservations for CAMI equipment are through NUCore (https://nucore.northwestern.edu/facilities/cami). This system is used for reserving, logging, and billing instrument time. To use it, you will need to have a user account, be authorized to use at least one valid chart string, and apply to use the instruments you are interested in.

For self-serve instruments, users are responsible for creating/canceling their reservations. Reservations are in 10 minute increments and may be made up to 21 days in advance. When you arrive at an instrument, you must log into NUCore. Click on your reservation on the instrument calendar to begin using your reserved time, and select the account that will be billed. When you have finished using the instrument, you must log into NUCore and click your reservation again to log off.

If you are experiencing difficulties using NUCore, or if you believe it has not recorded your hours accurately, please notify us soon as possible. please notify CAMI Staff (847-467-3306) as soon as possible.


To aid in experiment planning, current users may contact us to request access to view our public calendar. Once you have received a password, you may view it here.

CAMI Cancellation and Missed Reservation Policy:

1. In the event that a CAMI client does NOT cancel their reservation prior to the Cancellation Cutoff Time (currently set to 1 hour prior to the start of their reservation), and the client never shows up for the reservation, then the client will be liable for a charge equivalent to the expense required to setup supplies and instrumentation needed for the reservation. The fee will be charged to the chartstring provided by the client when the reservation was placed. This chartstring may be associated with a sponsored project.

2. CAMI will set up NU Core to automatically cancel an instrument reservation if a client does not sign in within 45 minutes of their reservation start time. If a client arrives late for their reserved time, but still within 45 minutes of their reservation start time, the client will be liable for instrument use charges for the interval covered by their reservation start time through the actual end of their reservation. If a client shows up to their reservation later than 45 minutes past their reservation start time, they will be liable for the setup fee as described above in paragraph #1. The client who missed the appointment can request a new reservation through NUCore, assuming that this time is available and was not previously reserved by another client.

3. Clients who habitually reserve time on CAMI instruments and miss appointments may be required to provide a non-sponsored chartstring, where the full charge for the duration of further missed reservations may be charged. In addition, CAMI management may choose to block clients from making future reservations if they do not provide a non-sponsored chartstring to accommodate charges for missed appointments. CAMI management is responsible for determining what constitutes habitual missed appointments for these purposes.

Billing for External Users

The Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging welcomes customers from outside Northwestern. We accept purchase orders from non NU-affiliated users to initiate projects. Fax or email a PDF of your PO, along with the necessary contact information listed below, to 847-467-1566 (fax) or CAMI (at) northwestern.edu. Once the PO is received, we will order the necessary reagents and begin work on the project.

Contact information needed for processing purchase orders for external users prior to initiation of work:

A) Principal Investigator:

  • PI Name:
  • PI Department:
  • PI Phone:
  • PI E-mail:
  • PI Mailing Address

B) User:

  • User Name:
  • User E-mail:
  • User Phone:

C) Administrator:

  • Administrator Name:
  • Administrator’s Phone:
  • Administrator’s E-mail:
  • Administrator’s Mailing Address:

Questions? Please contact Michelle Suran, the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute Business Manager at 847-467-2587 or m-suran (at) northwestern.edu