Acknowledge CAMI


NU’s Office for Research has created guidelines for authorship and acknowledgement on manuscripts (pdf link):

Core facility scientists are partners in the advancement of knowledge. When they make a substantial intellectual or experimental contribution to a research project, then they deserve to be recognized for their contribution. Recognition provides tangible evidence of the value of core scientists to the project and helps to advance their careers. Proper recognition of the contribution of core scientists is also necessary to ensure appropriate ethical and responsible conduct of research. Financial support of core facilities depends in part on proper recognition of contributions of core scientists on grants and publications. The latter are important metrics that demonstrate the value of core facilities to university administrators and funding agencies.


The federal funding agencies that support CAMI and its equipment require that they be acknowledged in user publications. Proper acknowledgement helps us to demonstrate our contribution to the research community and significantly improves our ability to secure funding for new instruments and services. All users should acknowledge CAMI in publications and presentations by including the “General Acknowledgment” statement provided below . In addition, usage of specific instrumentation should be incorporated into the acknowledgement. Boilerplate statements are provided below.

General Acknowledgement

Imaging work was performed at the Northwestern University Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging generously supported by NCI CCSG P30 CA060553 awarded to the Robert H Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center.


This work used the U-SPECT+/CT system purchased with funding from NIH SIG grant 1S10OD016398-01A1.