• IVIS spectrum: The IVIS Spectrum is a whole-body optical imaging system featuring high-sensitivity in vivo imaging of fluorescence and bioluminescence. Up to 5 mice can be imaged simultaneously with a 23 cm field of view.


  • Bioluminescence imaging
  • Fluorescence imaging with epi-illumination
  • Pseudo-tomographic fluorescence imaging with trans-illumination
  • Spectral unmixing

Example Applications

  • Track biodistribution of a fluorescently labeled drug over time
  • Use reporter genes to measure gene activity in a tumor in response to a drug
  • Screen for adequate tumor growth prior to initiating an MRI or PET study

Technical Details

IVIS Spectrum

The IVIS Spectrum can be used to simultaneously image 5 mice or 3 rats. It is equipped with 10 narrow band excitation filters (30nm bandwidth) and 18 narrow band emission filters (20nm bandwidth). In conjunction with the spectral unmixing algorithms, these can be used to image multiple fluorophores in the same animal.