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Congratulations to MRI, SPECT, and microCT collaborator Zhao (3/6/2019) - and CAMI researchers on the publication of the manuscript titled “Whole-body Imaging of Cell Death Provides a Systemic, Minimally Invasive, Dynamic, and Near-real Time Indicator for Chemotherapeutic Drug Toxicity” in the Journal of Clinical and Translational Research. This work utilized multi-modal 3D imaging at CAMI to visualize chemotherapeutic drug toxicity on a personal, tissue by […]
Congratulations to MRI and microCT user Philipp Gutruf and collaborator Rogers (3/5/2019) - on the publication of their manuscript titled “Fully implantable optoelectronic systems for battery-free, multimodal operation in neuroscience research” in Nature Electronics. Their integrated platform has broad potential neuroscience applications, allowing for the novel precise dissection of neural circuits during unconstrained behavioral studies. CAMI provided MRI and microCT multi-modality data and analysis for visualizing the device […]
Congratulations to microCT user Wubin Bai and collaborator Rogers (3/5/2019) - on the publications of their manuscripts titled “Bioresorbable pressure sensors protected with thermally grown silicon dioxide for the monitoring of chronic diseases and healing processes” in Nature Biomedical Engineering and “Flexible Transient Optical Waveguides and Surface‐Wave Biosensors Constructed from Monocrystalline Silicon” in Advanced Materials. Their work reports on novel bioresorbable biosensors, eliminating the need for […]
Imaging Workshop: NIS Reporter Gene Imaging of Gene, Virus and Cell Therapies | May 15, 2:00PM (5/10/2018) - Presented by Kah-Whye Peng, PhD, Chief Operations Officer of Imanis Life Sciences, on Tuesday, May 15th at 2:00PM in Silverman Hall 3510. Reporter gene imaging is used extensively in research but the resolution and sensitivity of cell detection could be improved. Dr. Peng will discuss recent efforts by Imanis to develop the next generation of […]
Pilot Project Funding for Imaging Studies (1/11/2018) - The Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging (CAMI) is offering pilot project funding for up to 10 projects/year during each of the next three years to researchers with nascent imaging projects that will benefit from CAMI expertise in imaging method development and refinement. Selected projects will be funded for a period of one year and up […]
Congratulations to collaborators Stupp, Hsu, and Hsu (6/21/2017) - on today’s publication of their manuscript “Sulfated glycopeptide nanostructures for multipotent protein activation” in Nature Nanotechnology. The study reports on a new nanomaterial for bone regeneration, and was highlighted in Northwestern News. Portions of the micro CT work and data analysis were performed in CAMI.
New “set it and forget it” MR Imaging rate (5/10/2017) - The Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging is pleased to introduce a new “set it and forget it” rate of $80/hour for MRI of samples that require long scans, but relatively little setup time. Users no longer need to schedule these samples late in the day to take advantage of after-hours rates. This will improve scheduling […]
CAMI researchers present placenta imaging data at ISMRM (4/30/2017) - Alex Waters and Chad Haney presented data on placenta imaging with MRI at the 25th annual International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. The work is part of an ongoing collaboration with Kelly Mayo (Molecular Biosciences), Michael Fritsch (Pathology), and Tom Meade (Chemistry). The work was well received, and has important implications for understanding ways […]
New service: Bone Mineral Density imaging (5/13/2016) - CAMI has recently added a new service, bone mineral density imaging using microCT. Using a new hydroxyapatite phantom from QRM, we can now calibrate microCT images to quantitatively measure bone mineral density. This technique is especially useful in preclinical studies of bone regenerative medicine, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and skeletal phenotyping.
New animal monitoring systems in CAMI (3/7/2016) - CAMI is pleased to announce the installation of new MRI-compatible animal monitoring systems from SA Instruments, generously funded by NU’s Office for Research. The new animal warming system with integrated feedback control should result in significant increases the stability of animal temperatures during scanning, and the fiber-optic temperature monitoring system will be more accurate and […]
bruker logo The new rat coil is here! (11/10/2015) - CAMI has received the quadrature rat body MRI coil generously funded by Northwestern’s Office for Research. We are excited to report that we are seeing significant improvements in rat anatomic imaging.
CAMI honored as top core facility (9/17/2015) - CAMI has been recognized as the top performing core facility in 2015 by the Office for Research. The Outstanding Core Facility Awards are given to core facilities scoring in the top 10% using a score based on grant submissions, publications, education and outreach, and user base. CAMI had the highest overall score, and was awarded […]
bruker logo Improved rat MRI coming soon to CAMI (9/3/2015) - CAMI has received funding from Northwestern’s Office for Research to purchase a quadrature rat body MRI coil. This will significantly improve our MR imaging capabilities in the rat abdomen and chest, and will benefit several major users. The coil has been ordered from Bruker, and will arrive in early October.
Congratulations to MRI & IVIS users Victoria Harrison & Christiane Carney (8/1/2015) - on the publication of their manuscript “Multimeric Near IR–MR Contrast Agent for Multimodal In Vivo Imaging” in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Their manuscript was selected as an Editors’ Choice publication in the July 22, 2015 issue. Victoria and Christiane used CAMI’s IVIS Spectrum and 9.4T MRI to test their multimodal Near IR-MRI […]
CLP Core Crawl CLP Core Crawl (7/10/2015) - Visit CAMI and see our new PET/CT this Thursday, July 17 from 3-5PM at the CLP Core Crawl!  CAMI staff will be on hand for demonstrations of the 3D visualization wall, as well as tours showcasing our suite of imaging equipment.  This is a great chance for to meet us, see our preclinical imaging equipment, […]
PET/CT added to CAMI’s preclinical nuclear imaging suite (7/10/2015) - CAMI has just added a new nuclear imaging modality; a positron emission tomography and x-ray computed tomography (PET/CT)imaging system. CAMI was the first facility to offer nuclear imaging for small animals at Northwestern when single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT/CT) was added in August 2014. Both the PET/CT and SPECT/CT scanners offer sub-millimeter resolution with high […]
Congratulations to MRI user Kirsten Viola (4/3/2015) - on the publication of her manuscript “Towards non-invasive diagnostic imaging of early-stage Alzheimer’s disease” in Nature Nanotechnology. As part of a collaboration between Prof. Bill Klein and Prof. Vinayak Dravid’s research groups, Kirsten used CAMI’s MRI systems to image iron magnetic nanostructures targeted to amyloid beta-oligomers, which may represent an earlier biomarker of Alzheimer’s disease […]
New IVIS Spectrum training videos from PerkinElmer (7/17/2014) - PerkinElmer has released a series of four detailed training videos that may be very helpful for users of the IVIS Spectrum, either as an introduction for new users or a refresher for existing users. In Vitro Bioluminescence Imaging In Vivo Bioluminescence Imaging In Vitro Fluorescence Imaging In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging
bruker logo MRI workstations to be upgraded (6/26/2014) - CAMI’s MRI systems will receive an upgrade in the form of new control software (Paravision 6) and faster workstations, thanks to an internal equipment grant from NU’s Office for Research. The new software and workstations will allow more robust and efficient data collection, and an improved user experience.
Congratulations to MRI user Adam Preslar (6/26/2014) - on the publication of his new manuscript, “Gd(III)-Labeled Peptide Nanofibers for Reporting on Biomaterial Localization in Vivo” in ACS Nano. Adam’s work shows that novel Gd(III) labeled self-assembling peptide amphiphiles can be tracked with MRI over the course of several days.
SPECT major equipment grant funded (6/26/2014) - CAMI is excited to announce that Prof. Ming Zhao’s NIH S10 equipment grant for a SPECT/CT scanner has been funded! The MILabs U-SPECT+/CT will be placed in CAMI, and is expected to be installed in early July of 2014 and will become available to users by late summer. Please contact Chad Haney if you are […]
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