Center For Advanced Molecular Imaging


CAMI USER FEES updated 9/27/2016
Instrument NU User
MRI (8am-5:30pm) $170/hr
MRI (5:30pm-8am) $80/hr
SPECT/CT $145/hr
PET/CT $150/hr
IVIS (8:00am-5:30pm) $60/hr
IVIS (5:30pm-8am) $54.60/hr
In vivo imaging surcharge $9.60/hr
CAMI data analysis workstation $9.60/hr
2 Photon Microscope See QBIC website
Atomic Force Microscopes See NIFTI website
Personnel Time NU User
Instrument Operator Time $82.80/hr
Veterinary Assistance $49.80/hr
Image Analysis $63/hr

CAMI welcomes customers from outside Northwestern University. Please contact Chad Haney to discuss project planning and external rates.

CAMI’s rates are adjusted annually to compensate for changes in our operating costs.

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