Center For Advanced Molecular Imaging

New User Checklist

CAMI welcomes new users from both campuses. We are happy to assist you at all points along the pathway from grant submission to manuscript publication, including consultations on method writeups, animal protocols, study designs, experimental logistics, etc.  Please feel free to contact us at cami (at) at any time!

Checklist for prospective users:

  1. Contact facility staff (cami (at) and make an appointment to discuss experimental procedures, sample preparations, and which imaging techniques to use, if necessary.
  2. Obtain a new fob or activate an existing fob by completing the CAMI Access Request Form, having it approved by CAMI staff, and then emailing it to the CLP administrative coordinator at Graduate students and postdocs need to have the form signed by their supervisor.
  3. Download and complete the CLP Core Facility: User Approval Form, then return it to Sara Mayol (Silverman 3633).  This form must be signed by the PI and the business administrator responsible for the chartstring you plan to use for CAMI services.
  4. Schedule training with facility staff.
  5. Reserve instrument using NUCore.  See Reservations.

IACUC Protocols:

Users must have a protocol approved by the Northwestern IACUC in order to perform in vivo imaging in CAMI.  Contact CAMI staff if you need assistance with preparing your protocol (room numbers may be found on the map of CAMI here).  Please send a copy of your approved protocol to Alex Waters (EAlexWaters (at) PRIOR to beginning your in vivo study.

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