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Acknowledging CAMI

It is important that the use of CAMI instruments is properly acknowledged in your publications. Acknowledgement helps us to demonstrate our contribution to the research community and significantly improves our ability to secure funding for new instruments and services. Anyone who uses the facility should acknowledge the Center by including the “General Acknowledgment” statement provided below in publications and presentations. In addition, usage of specific instrumentation should be incorporated into the acknowledgement. Boilerplate statements are provided below:

General Acknowledgment:

Imaging work was performed at the Northwestern University Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging generously supported by NCI CCSG P30 CA060553 awarded to the Robert H Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center.

SPECT/CT imaging:

This work used the U-SPECT+/CT system purchased with funding from NIH SIG grant 1S10OD016398-01A1.

For more information, please see these guidelines on authorship from the Office for Research.

Please send a PDF copy of papers published using CAMI instruments to Alex Waters (  Every PDF paper you submit to us (with acknowledgement of the facility) will earn your lab a single free scan, of up to one hour, on any instrument of your choice!

Additionally, please notify us of any grant applications in which CAMI is listed as a resource, both when they are submitted and when they are funded. Inclusion in grant proposals helps to demonstrate our significance to the Northwestern research community.

Please contact Chad Haney (chaney (at); phone 847-467-4845) if you are interested in submitting a grant involving CAMI. We are always happy to assist with preparing proposals, via consultation on study design, helping write up imaging experiments, and letters of support.

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