Center For Advanced Molecular Imaging


All CAMI instruments and services are housed in the CAMI Imaging Suite located on the ground floor of the east side of Silverman Hall, room 1529. The manager and staff of the facility have office space in the suite.  The exterior doors to Silverman Hall are on timed locks; they open automatically at 6:30 am and lock closed at 7:00 pm. Access to the building during off hours is restricted through the use of programmable fobs, plastic keys which are read by an electronic scanner located at the entryway to the suite.  Building occupants can use their key fobs to open these doors. The CAMI suite is always locked; users may request that their fobs be programmed to open the doors. Visitors who require access to CAMI will receive key fobs providing access to the exterior doors and to CAMI.

To request access to CAMI, please fill out and sign the CAMI Access Form (pdf) Postdocs and graduate students should have the form signed by their supervisor as well.

Policies for new user fobs:

After your CAMI Access Form (pdf) is processed and approved, Tiffany Ozmina will inform you by email of the fob arrival and you will be able to pick it up from her office in 3-601. Fobs must be picked up in person with presentation of a valid NU WildCard or passport.  Facilities Management requires that you sign a form showing that you have received a fob. CLP will keep a copy and the original will be sent to Facilities Management. New fobs will be available 7-10 days after the initial request.  Re-programming of existing fobs occurs within 2-3 days.

Fobs should not be shared among individuals. While authorized users may bring associates from the same lab for observation of experiments, observers are not permitted to enter MRI rooms for any reason, except under the direct supervision of the facility manager.

Lost Fobs: Please notify Tiffany Leighton Ozmina immediately if you have a lost a fob so that she can deactivate it. New fobs will not be issued until the missing fob has been deactivated. Your chartstring will be charged for key replacements.

Leaving Northwestern: You must return your fob to Tiffany Ozmina (Room 3-601). If you do not return your fob, your chartstring will be charged for future fob replacements.

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