Center For Advanced Molecular Imaging


All CAMI instruments and services are housed in the CAMI Imaging Suite located on the ground floor of the east side of Silverman Hall, room 1529. The manager and staff of the facility have office space in the suite.  The exterior doors to Silverman Hall are on timed locks; they open automatically at 6:30 am and lock closed at 7:00 pm. Access to the building during off hours is restricted.  Building occupants can use their Wildcards to open these doors. The exterior hallway of the CAMI suite is unlocked from 9am-5pm; the interior hallway is always locked. Users who require access to CAMI instruments may request that their Wildcards be activated to provide access to the exterior doors and to CAMI.

To request access to CAMI, please fill out and sign the CAMI access form and Silverman Hall access form on the CLP website. Postdocs and graduate students should have the form signed by their supervisor as well.

While authorized users may bring associates from the same lab for observation of experiments, observers are not permitted to enter MRI or nuclear imaging rooms for any reason, except under the direct supervision of the facility manager.

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