Center For Advanced Molecular Imaging

2 Photon Microscopy

The Biological Imaging Facility (BIF) operates a microscopy suite located in 300 sq. ft. of specially designed laboratory space within CAMI, including two confocal microscopes and two additional inverted microscopes. Specifically, BIF operates a Zeiss LSM 510 upright confocal microscope with META detector and a Zeiss LSM 510 Axioobserver inverted confocal microscope with temperature and humidity control capabilities. Both microscopes are interfaced with a Spectra Physics Maitai DeepSee 2-photon laser (690 – 1040 nm). Additionally, the facility has an Olympus IX83 semi-motorized inverted fluorescent microscope with a high frame-rate Andor Zyla sCMOS camera (30 fps) and an Olympus IX53 inverted microscope with Hoffman optics with full micro-manipulation and micro-injection capabilities, which were both installed in the microscopy suite inside CAMI in June 2014.

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